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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Life and Times of Lorenzo de' Medici of the Florentine Republic(History of a legend)

The Life and Times of Lorenzo de' Medici of the Florentine Republic(History)

Lorenzo de' Medici aka known as Lorenzo the Magnificent (Lorenzo il Magnifico) born on 1st January 1449 was the De facto ruler of the Florentine Republic. He was one of the most enthusiastic and powerful patrons during the Renaissance period.  He is known for his contribution to art by sponsoring renowned artists like Botticelli and Michelangelo. He managed to maintain peace among the Italian states until his death on 9th April 1492. He was buried in the Medici Chapel of Florence. Lorenzo married Clarice Orsini on 4 June 1469 who was a daughter to Giacomo Orsini, Lord of Monterotondo.
Cosimo de' Medici, Lorenzo's grandfather, was the first person in the Medici family to run the Medici Bank and lead the Republic of Florence at the same time. Cosimo as at then was one of the wealthiest men in Europe, and he spent a huge portion of his wealth in government and philanthropy. Piero di Cosimo de' Medici, Lorenzo's father, was an art collector and patron, while his uncle, Giovanni di Cosimo de' Medici, was in charge of the family's business interests. His mother, Lucrezia Tornabuoni, wrote sonnets and loved the philosophers and poets of the Medici Academy. She became an advisor to her son after the deaths of his father and uncle.
Lorenzo was sent on many important diplomatic missions by his father as a youth, which included trips to Rome to meet prominent political and religious figures including the pope.

Lorenzo, assumed the position of De facto ruler of Florence upon the death of his father in 1469, at the age of twenty. Several rival Florentine families eventually began to harbor resentments over the dominance of the Medici’s'; this continued in Florence long after Lorenzo's death. The most notable rival family was the Pazzi, who almost succeeded in bringing Lorenzo's reign to an end.

The Pazzi Conspiracy
On 26 April 1478, on Easter Sunday, a group that included members of the Pazzi family, with the support of the Archbishop of Pisa and Pope Sixtus IV, attacked Lorenzo and his brother Giuliano, at the Cathedral of Florence. His brother was murdered, and Lorenzo only managed to escape with a stab wound. The Pazzi conspiracy was brutally cut short by the lynching of the Archbishop of Pisa and the killing of the Pazzi family members who were involved in the plot.
After brutally putting down the Pazzi conspiracy Pope Sixtus IV's seized all the Medici assets he could find, and excommunicated Lorenzo and Florence. When these moves proved abortive, Sixtus formed an alliance with King Ferdinand I of Naples, which led to an invasion of the Florentine Republic by King Ferdinand's son Alfonso, the Duke of Calabria.

Lorenzo rallied the citizens of Florence. However, since there was little support from the Medici allies in Milan and Bologna, the war dragged on. The crisis was ultimately resolved by diplomacy when Lorenzo traveled to Naples. This allowed Lorenzo to make constitutional changes within the government of Florence, which further enhanced his position and power. Lorenzo, made it his object to maintain peace and balance power among the northern states of Italy and keeping the other central European countries like the Holy Roman Empire's Habsburg rulers and France out of Italy. Lorenzo maintained a good relationship with Mehmed II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, as the maritime trade between Florence and the Ottomans was a primary source of the Medici wealth.

How to Make Energy Giving Green Tea; Kiwi and Mango

 Green Tea Kiwi and Mango

Green tea kiwi and mango is an energy giving drink which is both fruit based and plant based. This smoothie is a healthy breakfast which provides the body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to an individual before they start the day. The ingredients such as mango and green tea are both antioxidants and help clean the skin and also fight free radicals. Green tea is also known to contain vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E and K along with other trace minerals. It is also rich in fiber to aid digestion and prevent constipation, giving you a full feeling to avoid overeating.
The green tea kiwi and mango smoothie is colorful and has a bright yellow color from mango on the lower part of the drink and a light green color on the top from the green tea. These exotic colors make the smoothie more enticing to drink and more delicious too.
21/1 cups of diced mango
¼ cup of honey
¾ cup of vanilla yogurt (fat-free)
Two tablespoons of water
Three ripe kiwi, peeled and quartered
½ teaspoons of grated lime
½ cup of baby spinach
Kiwifruit slices(optional)
Two tablespoons of bottled green tea.
Place the mango and half the cup of yogurt, with two tablespoons of water with the lime rind in the blender and allow it to process until it is smooth. Divide this part into four glasses and keep in the freezer.
Place the remaining ¼ cup of the yogurt, kiwifruit, green tea and two tablespoons of honey in the blender and process until it becomes smooth. Turn the mixture of the green tea into the earlier mango mixture. Serve and drink.

Five Simple Ways to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infection

Five Simple Ways to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infection

STI's are very easy to contact but often difficult to treat. The best way avoid long battles with STIs is to prevent them totally. How so? Five simple ways to protect yourself from STI's are as follows;

  1. Use latex condoms
A condom is a physical barrier that can reduce the risks of an individual being exposed to sexually transmitted infections (STI). They are made with substances that do not allow STIs and HIV to pass through them quickly. Condoms can be effective against STI transmission if used correctly and consistently. Laboratory studies confirm that materials like nitrile, latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene don’t allow viruses, bacteria, and other germs pass through them thus preventing the mouth, vagina, penis or rectum from being exposed to bodily fluids. Fluids such as semen, vaginal and rectal fluids can contain STIs. A condom protects you from getting infected to a large extent.

2. Avoid sharing towels, underwear, and trousers
Germs can enter clothes and towels from your body. Everyone has bacteria on the skin surface in our nose and even in our gut. These bacteria are often harmless. However, some can lead to an infection, particularly when a person has skin problems or wounds. Most harmful germs cannot penetrate through a healthy skin.
In the same vein, sharing a towel with someone with a sexually transmitted infection can lead to you getting infected as well. Sharing underwear and even trousers can also spread germs from person to person. Underwear naturally contains bacteria from the traces of feces and genital fluids. When individuals are infected, this infection remains on the underwear. This is why people treating sexually transmitted diseases are encouraged to change their undergarments during and after treatment. Apart from sharing underwear, you can also infect yourself again if you continue to wear an underwear you used during the period of therapy, you can get infected again after treatment. Washing your underwear with water alone doesn’t destroy the sexually transmitted infection. Sharing underwear and even clothes are very unhygienic. However, it is not uncommon especially among roomies or siblings.

3. Vaccination
Vaccines are effective in preventing sexually transmitted infections. Vaccines are available for males and females. HPV and some other forms of disease can be avoided with vaccination. It is imperative to get all three doses before you consider becoming sexually active. You should also get inoculated against Hepatitis B if you did not get immunized when you were younger.

Five Simple Ways to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infection

4. Reducing your number of partners
This may seem difficult, especially if you’ve never been a one partner person. However, it’s one of the easiest and most efficient ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections. You and your partner should learn to remain faithful to each other. When you are sure of your sexual partner, then you can avoid getting infected by reducing your number of sex partners to one. One person, you can trust. This can decrease your risk of infection. It is still vital that you and your partner get tested, and also share your test results with each other.

While all the above methods are useful, the best way to completely avoid an STI is by abstaining from sexual activities in general (any activity that includes stimulation of the genital organs). In this case, you have nothing to fear. Even when you get an infection, it would most likely be a toilet disease, or you may have been infected by sharing an underwear or towel. Abstaining from all sorts of sexual encounters is the best way to go. However, if you can’t avoid it then take the above precautions (using condoms should be number one on your list) to prevent STI.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Joe Scarborough And Brzezinski - Trump Goes Page Six on Joe Scarborough And Mika Brzezinski

Joe Scarborough And Brzezinski - Trump Goes Stage Six on Joe Scarborough And Mika Brzezinski

Donald Trump has single-handedly taken the back seat for media critic once again.
On Monday, he raised his Twitter fire at the show "Morning Joe," which was formerly one of his favorite campaign spots.
Trump, as usual, criticized "Joe's Co-host Mika Brzezinski in very personal terms. He called her neurotic, off the wall and not a very bright mess. Ouch!  He went further to imply that Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have been having an affair, referring to the pair as"two clowns."

The comments Trump made about Brzezinski were similar to Trump's highly personal attacks against the Fox host by name, Megyn Kelly.
During a three-hour live national broadcast, the Co-host spoke of Trump in a manner that could be considered highly critical.
Scarborough said in reply to Trump's attack on Megyn Kelly; during a commercial break, that "Clinton is targeting valuable swing states today, but Trump starts his day by insulting Cable News hosts while channeling Gawker."SAD"
Joe Scarborough And Brzezinski - Trump Goes Stage Six on Joe Scarborough And Mika Brzezinski

Trump obviously did not like what Joe said on being a man that is not very good at taking criticism, and Trump came for them in grand style saying:
"I tried watching this lame talk show, but it was completely "unwatchable."
(one hour later, he called into the competing show, "Fox & Friends,")
Trump has taken a shot at "Morning Joe" before. However, his references to Brzezinski and Scarborough are new and personal.
Trump is not the first to accuse the co-hosts of dating.

Coming from his official Twitter account, the comment by Trump raised eyebrows right instantly.
His tweet implied a retribution because Trump said: "one day when things cool off, I will tell you all the real story" of co-host Scarborough and Brzezinski.
A lot of political reporters drew our attention to the fact that Trump's attacks came just one day after his new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway said that he does not hurl personal Insults to anyone. This made the situation rather ironic, and Trump has been trending on Twitter ever since.

Health and fitness - Benefits and Disadvantages Of Using a Fitness Monitor /Tracker (Part one)

Why You need a fitness tracker

Fitness and wellness are the top priority for everyone these days. Although it is not always easy to keep track of your fitness metrics. Manually, it may seem impossible for you to know exactly how much progress you are making, however, with fitness trackers you can keep track of you health and wellness metrics. Fitness trackers are all that these days. You have the different offer in the market; FitBits, pedometers, and various choices available for mobile devices. You find yourself faced with a multitude of ways to keep track of you health and fitness routine. Many people prefer trackers when it comes to methods of keeping accurate track of your fitness metrics, But the question is, are fitness trackers a good option for everyone? Below are a few benefits of using fitness trackers.

1. Helps you set personal goals:
Whatever unique exercise goals you set, there is a tracker that can support you. If you are trying to increase your mile time, or speed up your weekly mileage, you can try the intervals that are right for you, and pick a tracker to help you achieve your goals. For instance, if you are training for half-marathon, but your usual run is 5k, you can use a fitness tracker to track your mileage and assist you as you gradually increase from 5ks to 10ks until you get to the full half-marathon distance.
Any step that would help you in achieving your goals in the best possible, you can use directly fitness tracker to keep track.

2. Helps you keep track at solo workout:
Some people do well in the gym. There are lots of benefits to taking regular classes with fitness mates in the gym. However, there are numerous benefits of working out alone. With certain kinds of workouts like running or biking. It may not be all the time, but there are benefits of working out alone. A  fitness tracker would allow you monitor the same metrics as the machinery at the gym, without having to stress yourself going there. For example, treadmills will help you keep track of your mileage, pace and the number of calories you burn per hour.  With a fitness tracker, you can do the same thing wherever you are and whenever you want.

3. As much interaction as you want:
For those individuals who prefer a solo workout, but also enjoy sharing their progress with others, trackers are a great option. Many fitness trackers have social media options. Gathering up a group of friends and sharing your results with them regularly, can give you the support you need to keep thriving. Fitness trackers give you an opportunity to get positive feedback without coordinate schedules. Also, working out in groups may be quite intimidating if you have just started out, but using fitness trackers allow you connect with other friends about your goals without facing pressure. You aren't frustrated with the progress of other people.

Fitness trackers are the way to go whether you are just starting out, or you have been doing it for many years. Keep track of your health and fitness with fitness trackers.
The next part would deliberate on the disadvantages of using a fitness tracker.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Most Common Skin Conditions in the United States And Their : Causes and Symptoms


Living in the United States, you can   understand how frustrating the heat can get during the summer. You start getting all sorts of irritating spots on your skin. Don't be afraid. Most of such skin problems are common and very easy to treat. Summer is the worst timd to have skin problems 
Common skin problems and their causes
  • Chickenpox: A skin rash with blisters
The virus identified as varicella zoster, more frequently called chickenpox, makes a skin rash of scratchy blisters on the face which spreads down to the back and chest. It's typically accompanied by a sore throat and fever. Even though immunization is available, chickenpox is still very common in kids under age 12 years.

  • Rubella: Red spots spread around the skin: Another viral skin rash which affects kids and adolescents is rubella which is also called German measles. This measles causes a spotty rash that spreads like chickenpox starting from the face down. This skin rash can be very itchy. Other symptoms may include swollen glands, sore throat, fever, headache, and runny nose.

  • Hives: sudden, prickly skin bumpsUrticaria, also identified as hives, is a skin rash which comes on suddenly and can cause pale, itchy, or pink inflammations on your skin, and stings or burns. This skin disorder can occur everywhere on the skin. Over 20 percent of individuals may experience hives once in their life. Hives can last for only a few days or in some cases, a few weeks. They may be triggered by an allergic reaction either to a medication or food.
  • Prickly Heat: A skin rash that itches
Prickly heat, or heat rash, as its called causes red skin that itches and stings. Small skin bumps can form as well. The heat rash is triggered when sweat is blocked in your skin pores. This is a relatively common rash in infants, but can take place at any age. The skin condition typically forms where skin brushes against the skin, just like in skin folds of the breast, neck, groin, and underarms.

  • Rosacea: A red rash located on the face
Rosacea is relatively common, and the skin condition typically occurs on faces of adults. Some symptoms of rosacea include inflammation or redness of the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Tiny blood vessels can be seen on the inflamed skin surface, along with some pimples and skin bumps, though may not be related to acne breakouts. It only appears the face.

  • Eczema: Red, blotchy and itchy skin
Another term for eczema is dermatitis or an inflammation of the skin. This inflammation causes the skin to be itchy and dry. Scratching the area makes the skin red and irritated. Eczema is not infectious, and common triggers can include soaps, detergent, wool, as well as synthetic fibers.

  • Contact Dermatitis: The skin rash triggered by allergy or skin irritation. Contact dermatitis may be triggered by allergy-causing substances or irritating substances that come in contact with the surface of the skin. Irritating substances are common and may include acid, solvents, and detergents. Allergic dermatitis is usually caused by cosmetics, poison ivy, and medications that are used on the skin. The rash that contact dermatitis causes can appear as skin bumps, red skin, blisters, sores, scales, or crusts. Itching is common.

  • Prevention
To help prevent rashes, identify and avoid things that irritate your skin and use only lotions and cosmetics that have hypoallergenic compounds.
Other methods that might be useful include showering at least twice every other day and using warm water rather than hot water. Also use gentle cleansers instead of harsh soaps, and practice patting the skin dry rather than rubbing.
Learning some relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation can also help reduce stress as it aggravates many kinds of rashes.

Gallstones: Simple Remedy to Get Rid of Gallstones from Your Liver Channel

Gallstones: Simple Remedy to Get Rid of Gallstones from Your Liver Channel

Many individuals adults and children alike have stones in their liver channels. Some people don't show symptoms, while some others get rashes or extreme sensitivities. As a result of their small size, they may not be visible in x-rays of the liver. There are different types of gallstones that have cholesterol germs within them. They could be red, Dom, dark or tinted.

When gallstones are there, some measures of cholesterol leaves the body and may increase with time. The problem is that these stones can accumulate infections, blisters, parasites, and other microorganisms that go through the liver and this is because the gallstones are permeable. When this happens, it leads to the development of various diseases that supply your body with other microbes. To cure stomach ulcers or another disease, you can naturally wash off these stones with this simple remedy.

What you will need:

1.Four teaspoons of Epsom salt.(unfried)
2. Extract fresh juice from one or two large grapefruits.
3.½ cup of cold olive oil.(pressed)
4.One cup with a lid tip.
Pick the day you have the time for body refinement. Don't take any chemical remedies, vitamins or minerals in tablet frames that day and the preceding day. Eat low fat nourishment for breakfast and lunch.
Follow this timetable
Make sure you stop eating or drinking after 2 pm. Prepare a mixture of 4 teaspoons of your blended Epsom salt with three glasses of water. Put the mixture into a plastic container. You will be able to get at least four doses. Store this mixture in your fridge.

By 6 pm drink the first dose of your mixture.

By 8 pm drink the second quarter. Even if you have not eaten by 2 pm, you won’t have any appetite.

The best way to achieving a fruitful liver purge is to drink each dose at the exact time.

Take the grapefruit, by 9:45 pm. Squeeze some grapefruit and place it in a ½ measure of your cold pressed olive oil. After which mix both ingredients until you get a smoothie. Before you drink this mixture, go to the restroom twice.

By 10 pm drink the composed mixture standing for exactly 5 minutes and if you experience any of the side effects of sleep deprivation, just take valerian. Once you drink the mixture, lay in bed and stay in one position for 20 minutes, try not to move at all. The logic behind lying instantly is to push more stones out of the liver. You will feel the stones on your own as they go through your liver channels, and you would know that the grounds of the channels are open. At this point, you will not feel torment by pain.

Drink the third dose when you wake up but try to wake up before 6 am. If you are feeling sick, hold on until you feel better and afterward drink the measurements.

Drink the last dose after exactly 2 hours. Wait for another 2 hours, before eating. It is important that you to start with natural products, but after 3 minutes you can eat some veggies. Wait for an hour you start with the traditional sustenance. (you can try something)

Do not be alarmed if you have diarrhea the next morning because this is part of the natural process. This your bodies way of freely disposing of the liver stones. You will feel relieved asap.

Relationship& Marriage: Steps A Woman Should Take When her Husband Sleeps Around

What to do when your husband is unfaithful

So you are 100% positive you have a cheating spouse, and you know that taking precautions is the first step to staying disease free. Leaving out the who and why this article talks about risk of STIs

A lot of women and some men find themselves in a situation as dire as this. A confirmed cheating spouse, a marriage you want to save and the possibility of a pregnancy that isn't yours, or a disease that wasn't yours in the first place. To protect yourself from any further embarrassment, take some of the below steps.

Stop sexual activities:
Abstaining from any sexual activity would always be the best way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections. However, married women find it difficult to abstain for so many reasons. Some include:

  •   Not knowing how to say no: In Nigeria, it is considered a taboo for a woman to refuse her husband his marital dues. While this is true, some exceptions ought to be made when your husband is unfaithful. In this case, you have to set your priorities straight. Your health is more important than upholding norms or social expectations. 
  •  Lack of self-control: Some women lack self-control. They focus too much on sexual pleasure. Although it is good to have a healthy sex drive when you are married, it is not helpful when it is uncontrollable in a situation like this. 

Most women reading this are probably thinking that saying no would push him away! What you should understand is that he has already gone if he is cheating. You must think of yourself first, and your top priority should be to protect yourself until you have resolved the issue of Infidelity.

2 . Use a female condom for every encounter:
A male condom is very common among men, but do you know that as a woman you can also use a female condom? This is a contraceptive pouch that can help a majority of women stay in control of their sexual health and also reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy as well as prevent sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

If you are a married woman with a cheating husband, it is good to understand why you must wear a condom or make your husband wear one. Some ladies normally opt to use a female condom because it means they do not have to rely on their husband to wear a condom. When you suspect or are sure that your husband is cheating, and you cannot avoid sex totally, wearing a female condom becomes imperative. Although female condoms are not as accessible as male condoms in Nigeria, you can get them from sexual healthcare professionals. Also, some good pharmacies and online shops sell them too.

3. Avoid pregnancy
Research has shown that babies are often affected when the parents have sexually transmitted infections. When you take the risk of getting pregnant for a cheating husband, you don't just risk your health, but you also risk the health of your unborn child.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Relationship Advice - Why He May Leave You Even if He Loves You

Relationship matters; why  he may leave you even if he loves you. Why Men leave the women the love.

Falling in love is considered the easiest thing in the world. However, it takes true courage, strength, and determination in actually staying in love, through all the ups and downs, through the good, bad and the ugly, through your happiness and your pain! And not every man is equipped to display all the above qualities. He may be hopelessly in love with you now, but what happens when the going gets tough.

Maybe he promised you the world and lots more. He told you he would be yours forever. And even after all those promises he still ends up leaving you. Don't be left utterly confused by a man like this, try and understand the reasons why someone who once loved you and still loves you might leave you.

1. When he keeps feeling like you're trying to fix him

When you make your guy feel like he is simply not good enough for you, you can never embrace his imperfection; he believes that he can never be himself without getting any judgment or complaints, from you. In the end, you will end up pushing him out the exit door.

2. When you try to emasculate him:
In this century women tend to emasculate their men by turning them into personal projects. Wait do you want to date a dog or man? By hoping to change him into a property and not the man he deserves wants to be, you gradually drive him out of your house.

3. You  make him feel threatened by your success:

A University once conducted a study on this matter. During the study, statistics showed that men experience an enormous dent to their ego and confidence when their girl experience massive success, even when there is no direct competition between them. A woman’s success can negatively impact on the way a man views his future and the future of their relationship. If a person cannot achieve the kind of success than he feels he deserves, he may see this as a reason for him to break up with his partner. He can not join in his partner’s success just because he keeps comparing it to his failures.

4. You keep nagging at Bae all the time: Most men have mastered the art of ignoring a woman’s voice. Unfortunately, at one point  the constant complaining and nagging can eventually get to them and take a toll on their relationship.

Before you condemn your man for leaving you, think of what you have done to push him away. 

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Health and Fitness:Top Ten Health/Fitness Clubs in the United States (Part 2)

 24 Hour Fitness
 24 Hour Fitness
Let's start up were we left off. We originally wrote a post about the the top ten best health and fitness center in the United States
5. 24 Hour Fitness
We have got to give a round of applause to one of the biggest fitness clubs of them all. 24 Hour Fitness is unarguably the largest privately owned fitness chain. And it has over 400 fitness clubs that can be found in about 17 states and also in Asia where they are called “California Fitness” clubs.
The club is the first in the industry to offer 24/7 access to fitness classes to fit every kind of lifestyle, especially individuals that have no time during the day to exercise. Members can access the power of fitness so as to transform their life. The fitness club has state-of-the-art equipment and expert personal training, and their facilities and programs are designed to help people achieve their fitness goals. The 24Life Fitness Philosophy from 24 Hour Fitness utilizes the combined approach of four Lifestyle Pillars, namely Mindset, Nourishment, Movement, and Regeneration. These components empower members and the athletes to achieve all their goals. Whether you plan to feel better, run a race, lose some weight, they have a program and a movement strategy for you.
The personalized movement programs which are led by certified Personal Trainers or movement experts, as they are termed, help remove the guesswork from working out. The fitness center partners with members for a fitness plan which is custom-built with their goals in mind. Most importantly, they provide the inspiration and guidance they need to keep going. The personalized training program maximizes success from the beginning by concentrating on these four vital areas:
-    Strategy.
A trainer will help the member identify and develop the movement plan for success that is tailored to the needs and results they prefer.
-    Expertise
Get one-on-one coaching and guidance from a certified expert on techniques and exercises which is perfect for the member.
-    Motivation
Members can push their workouts further with their fitness professional who is aware of what it takes to create positive change.
-    Support
Members can find how to succeed both outside and inside the gym, knowing that their trainer will be available for them along the way.
Whatever the needs and preferences are of the member, their coaches are open to help every step of the way. While some members may prefer the exclusive focus of one-on-one training session, while others may feel more inspired in a group or with a close friend. They offer several fitness programs which help members to find their fitness and health path. The Personal Training session is about 25-minute or in the case of one-on-one training sessions, 50-minutes. The Partner Training session lasts for about 50-minutes for two people it also features fun and friendly group workout classes. The Training Club teaches members how they can succeed both inside and outside the gym.

4. Curves
The most popular only women fitness clubs are exploiting the gesture of baby boomers who have begun to realize that fitness is something that has to be part of living a healthy life. Curves have been able to boost its success by appealing to people just getting into exercise and also by providing a great atmosphere for those women who would not join a gym usually.
The 30-minute cardio and strength workout is the ideal platform for this basic chain, with the plethora of motivational and educational resources to help put women on a healthy track.
The Curves workout delivers great results as it gives participants a total strength and cardio training solution in 30 minutes. Each session is designed to help participants burn about 500 calories, thereby helping them reach their fitness goals. And as always, they will get the encouragement and support of the Curves community in order to achieve their targets swiftly.
The program includes all the five components of a complete exercise routine (warm-up, cardiovascular training, strength training, stretching and cool-down) in just 30 minutes. Participants will be able to change stations after every 30 seconds. This allows them to recover and exercise different muscle groups.
Participants of this program will be allowed to work for every important muscle group while keeping their heart rate within the target training zone. There will be a circuit coach on site to motivate and teach them at every workout session. With all these provisions all individuals who participate are sure to achieve their fitness goals within a short period. Whether the original purpose is to gain energy, lose or tone up weight, the Curves circuit program will work for everyone.
According to studies regular physical activities, like the three-day-a-week Curves circuit program, significantly reduces the risk of suffering health conditions like coronary heart disease, colon cancer, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. It also helps in weight control, promotes healthy bones, as well as joints and muscles; helps provide relieve for the pain caused by arthritis and decreases the signs of anxiety and depression.
The Curves workout program has helped many women in Africa and several other countries around the world get the type of results they desire. The program offers the benefits derived from a 90-minute workout in just 30 minutes. The reason why the exercise is very effective is that it combines strength-training exercises with sustained cardio, cool-downs, warm-ups, and stretching.
 Research conducted on the exercise has proven that Curves circuit delivers results by protecting the muscles, burning fat and enhancing metabolism. Clinical trials carried out by Curves International demonstrated that unfit women burn between 170 to 240 calories during a 30-minute Curves circuit workout. On the other hand, fit women burn more than 500 calories.
Curves also offer classes like Body Balance and Body Basics within the circuit. The classes offer participants an opportunity to do more exercise without the use of machines, expending extra energy and not overloading the muscles. At Curves, there is always a coach to help members train and to motivate them by reassuring them that they are not alone. The coach will help participants with their form and push them to their personal best. If this exercise is paired with Meal Plans via Curves Complete, members will love the results they see.
Gold’s Gym : top 10 health clubs in the United States

3. Gold’s Gym
The one-time gym weight room facility which was located in Venice Beach morphed into the family friendly global gym which caters to people of all ages.
Gold’s has a culture of personal training which helps the members to reach the ensuing level of their fitness goals, whether it includes getting fit after pregnancy or training for a marathon, or plainly learning how to remain fit with Diabetes. Recently, Gold’s gym paired with the AARP to develop special programs explicitly made for seniors. The center has about 600 locations across the world; Gold’s is unarguably the largest co-ed fitness gym in the world. The center offers various programs, and they include;
-    Health ways Silver Sneaker Fitness Program
The Gold’s Gym participates in the Health ways Silver Sneaker Fitness Program, and it is a fun, energizing program which helps older adults take more control of their health. They do so by encouraging moderate physical activity and social events.
The award-winning program supports people that are eligible for Medicare or retirees to unlock their door to greater independence and have a healthier life. A lot of health plans in the country offer this SilverSneakers program.
The benefits of the program includes:
a)    Access to exercise equipment, conditioning classes, pool, sauna and other amenities.
b)     Customized SilverSneakers classes which are designed entirely for older adults who wish to improve their flexibility, strength, endurance and balance health education seminars and some other events which promote the profits of a healthy lifestyle.
c)    A trained Program Advisor at the fitness center who will introduce the members to SilverSneakers and help them get started.
d)     Finally, they are given member-only access to the online support which can help them lose weight, reduce stress or quit smoking.
-    Tour de Cure
The Tour de Cure is a sequence of fundraising cycling occasions held in about 44 states in the nation to support the duty of the American Diabetes Association, which is to prevent and also cure diabetes as well as improve the lives of people affected by diabetes.
This Tour is a ride, and not a race, it also has routes designed for participants from an occasional rider to an experienced cyclist. In the event which occurred in 2011, over 55,000 cyclists in approximately 80 events raised over $18 million. The Gold’s Gym partners with the American Diabetes Association as a national patron of the charity event.
As a forerunner in the fitness industry, Gold’s Gym has consistently recognized the significance of exercise and nutrition for a balanced, and healthy lifestyle. They also plan to send the message across America with the Tour de Cure.
Ten health and fitness clubs in the United States

2. Anytime Fitness
 There are no special programs in Anytime Fitness, but they make up for this in their 24-hour access to the facility. Members of this fitness center have are 24/7 access and also affordability.

It is the perfect fitness center for individuals who have very busy schedules and are not looking for the added whistles and bells.
The growth of Anytime Fitness’ shows how popular the inexpensive and laid-back facilities are. They are currently opening a new location on every business day, and their clubs offer an appealing environment. The convenience of all private showers and bathrooms allows its members the chance to get freshened up after a fast workout, keeping members on the go. These facilities are rare in most fitness centers, and this gives it an upper hand over a lot of them on the list. Businesspeople and other busy individuals can make use of the opportunity to have a fit and healthy lifestyle on the go. The center has an integrated access and security. This includes remote monitoring of the surveillance systems, and personal safety devices which allow for emergency care on one-touch access.
They also offer support to every member free of charge. All new members get a personalized Get Started Plan as they join. Their friendly and professional staff are trained to help members along their fitness journey, and they are given as much support as they need. In addition to the excellent quality of exercise equipment and the supportive atmosphere, Anytime Fitness offers personal trainers at clubs.
The Certified Personal Trainers help members to launch a smart exercise program, break out of fitness grooves and move beyond stubborn plateaus, as well as re-energize their workout. Along the way, the trainers will challenge them, change their outlook and also build their confidence, with results which spread out far beyond the mirror.
The fitness center also offers tools and training. They believe that going to a healthier place is more than just going to a gym. That is why they offer personal training and when members are around, and the proper tools to keep them on track when they’re not. They also offer a 24/7 access to over 3,000 locations worldwide; members are joining one of the most convenient gyms in the world. The center also offers support through a community. Members do not just join the gym; they join a caring community of like-minded individuals who are present to give you the encouragement you require.
Top Ten Health and fitness clubs in the United States

1.    Tiger’s Den Crossfit
When you come across a name like “Tiger’s Den”, you realize that you’re in for a grueling workout. And that is exactly what doled out at the Tiger’s Den CrossFit. This fitness center is the top-rated fitness center in Dallas area and the entire country as well. Tiger’s Den provides a few training programs, and they include the barbell and CrossFit systems, which the members can use to help them reach their goals. Trainers of the Tiger’s Den also use a tiered system which will help members to progress in their fitness. It will also help with meal planning and nutrition as well. The fitness club has levels which a member must pass to be thoroughly fit. They are;
-    Level 1
This is an entry level experience. The Level one CrossFit class can still encounter any fitness level. The level’s programming emphasizes on assessing the total body mobility, as well as building cardiovascular and strengthening joint tissue, respiratory endurance, and bone density. It also focuses on creating rock-hard foundational movement patterns as well as improving kinesthetic awareness. The classes are tagged at ten to create a great coach to athlete ratio. It ensures a lot of personal time for all members of the club. The course is fun and comfortable, and it can be a great venue for a first date with an attractive spin instructor.
Level 2
This level is an intermediate class which focuses on unlocking human performance, and also wellness and general health. In this level, members will be pushed outside their comfort zone frequently, and they can reap all the rewards that come with such level of intensity. The level 2 class is a lesson for the weekend warrior and enthusiast as well as a collegiate athlete.
Level 3
For those who are truly competitive amongst others, the Tiger’s Den offers a competitive level CrossFit programming run with the CrossFit Games season. This is the last level, and it is not for weak hearted persons.
The fitness club believes that nutrition is a vital part of fitness. Eating properly is over half of a person’s success in the gym. If an individual is training immensely and is not paying any attention to what they are fueling your body with, then they are pretty much not making the most of their time involved. Their fitness is divided into two parts. The first part is the training which occurs in the facility. The rigorous training places stress on the body of the individual and in return for this, the body will acclimatize to those stressors and then become much stronger, fitter and better.
The second part of the fitness is the recovery; this part is just as important as training vigorously.
This part is composed of both sleep and diet. Any lack in either department can put a serious impediment to the success of the person in the gym. In Tiger’s Den, they address the subject of diet and their stance on what they should be consuming and how much they should be fueling with at any given time. The stimulus which is provided is always diverse, and the outcomes are dramatic. The diet is specifically tailored to each individual as every person is different. This ensures that the participant is getting the required nutrients which their body needs without lacking any crucial factor for a fit lifestyle. Also, the atmosphere is supportive and camaraderie to any person who is willing to put in some work and achieve their goals.
As is apparent in this list, the different fitness centers have various packages for a variety of lifestyles. Some offer 24-hour services, while others offer shower services. In some, there is an emphasis on diet and exercise, while others are more concerned with just physical training.  All of them have some common factors that make them the best in the industry; they are personalized and offer attractive packages.
Along with having the latest in classes and equipment, these fitness centers offer good restaurants, fantastic mind-body offerings, sound nutritional counseling, and lifestyle as well as health evaluations. A lot of the locations have racquetball court, boxing studios, and even junior Olympic pools.

Health and fitness: Top Ten Health/fitness Clubs in the United States (Part 1)


First 6-Americans never had more options regarding health and fitness clubs. All hula-dancing classes, hours’ access, mountain biking field trips, training and more, the best health clubs in the business offer all these and even more.
What distinguishes a regular health club from a great health club? It may be the individuals, the trainers, and the equipment. Perhaps it can be the intangibles or things which can’t quite be well-defined but make an enormous difference. For many individuals planning to get back into the weight program, or back in a cardio program, searching for the right gym may make a huge difference.
Whether it is a climbing center, boxing gym, CrossFit gym, or an Olympic weightlifting center, there are all types of health clubs, all over the country. The folks who run them are acting to ensure that the center delivers the best result for the participants. We will take a look at ten of the best-ranked gyms from different American cities. The health clubs are spread out and touch cities in the various regions in the U.S. from Los Angeles to New York City, and Seattle to Miami. These ten fitness centers and gyms were the top-rated in all of their respective cities.
10 best health clubs in United States

10. Seattle – Foundation Crossfit 
The Foundation CrossFit is both a group and personal fitness training facility, and it is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. The fitness center utilizes the CrossFit fitness methodology to help participants achieve their aims. They believe in an inclusive and broad fitness program made for individuals of all ages: military personnel, firefighters, grandparents, weekend warriors, business professionals, people who may never have exercised for a single day in their life and pregnant women. It could also include the injured ones, rehabilitation clients, current or former athletes, both scholastic and professional. They believe that anyone can CrossFit. And they begin their fitness program by organizing an orientation program. This orientation only lasts for an hour. The orientation is also free of charge to attend. Aspiring members of the health club will get firsthand information on the fitness programs available and determine if they would want to give it a try. They will also be given an introductory workout. At the end of the lecture, the prospective members can decide if they will fit the program into their lives and if they don’t feel comfortable, they can leave. There is no pressure on them to make any commitments until they are certain it is what they want. This feature makes the Foundation Crossfit stand out amongst other health clubs.
CrossFit works for just about everyone, and it can include skills and advanced movements that take some time to improve. It is true that a lot of the workouts from Crossfit are fast and somewhat intense, and it can look difficult. However, the aim of CrossFit is to provide the structure for a better fitness program that can be reduced to meet any ability level from grade school to high school and finally to grand-parenthood. Crossfit is for any person seeking to enhance their fitness level and also the quality of their lives. Different people from all walks of life have benefitted from the use of CrossFit to meet and also exceed their goals. The health club has all this brilliant equipment to help members remain fit. Some of this fitness equipment include barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, jump ropes, gymnastics rings, plyo boxes, medicine balls, dragging sleds, dumbbells, AirDynes, Concept II rowing ergs, mats, Rogue pull-up bars, and jump and stretch bands. Some others include sandbags, climbing ropes, ab-mats, paillettes, slammer balls, yoga mats, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, Rumble Rollers, beer kegs, sledgehammers, some tractor tires, a hill, and a big stereo. Members can find a host of fancy fitness equipment at the fitness facilities and some of the studios have the greatest and latest technology. Members get the best results if the know how to use these tools to their advantage. The fitness center takes out all the work and keeps their members injury-free by teaching them, progressively, on how to use the equipment each time they come in.
The fitness center makes everyone an athlete. Their mission is to offer professional CrossFit training to their athletes safely. They also empower them with different means to attain functional strength. Their primary concern is that all individuals make progress, and they are not concerned with how many people walk in through their doors. Every class or personal training session is delivered by an experienced, qualified coach/practitioner who is devoted to the success and well-being of the members. These factors earned the Foundation Crossfit a place on the top ten health clubs in the U.S.
Fitness center in United States

9. The Stone Summit Climbing and Fitness Center
Whether you are an advanced athlete or a beginner, the Stone Summit world-class facilities have a fun fitness activity for you. The fitness center has no minimum or maximum age to climb, so all climbers of different ages are welcomed. They have different kinds of memberships available and the Day Passes, and Punch Passes includes Yoga classes, climbing, the full line of strength and cardio equipment, towel service, free Wi-Fi and full-service locker rooms.
However, every participant must be in possession of a valid liability waiver. Also, any member under eighteen years of age has to have a waiver signed by their legal guardian or parent. Where the legal guardian or parents will not be present during the climb, the waiver may be completed online. The fitness center requires that legal guardians have to provide any proof of guardianship to be allowed sign the child's waiver.
The fitness center offers a day pass, and there is no reservation required for that package. The day pass gives one climber access to the entire facility and also the rental equipment for the full day. Apart from a safety orientation which is a requirement, no staff assistance is involved. This package is ideal for participants of all ages and experience level who wish to access to the Stone Summit and don’t have a reservation. The fitness center has some rules for beginner climbers, and it includes restriction of some climbing areas to novice day pass members. This is for the safety of the member since there will be no staff assistance. For first time visitors, there is a mandatory safety orientation. In the same vein, reservations are also not required for these orientations, but they may have a much shorter wait time if they sign up for the orientation ahead of the time. The center also offers Belay Lesson, and members can learn to be self-sufficient during the 1.5-hour class. They teach members how to hold their rope for the climber so they and their partner can enjoy the indoor rock climbing experience without any staff assistance. This package is perfect for those people who have a little or no climbing experience at all but want to enjoy the Stone Summit without requiring help from any of the staff. The belay lesson costs about $15 per climber, and it includes the rental equipment and free climbing for the entire day after the class. However, the participants have to be over 12 years of age. The fitness center also offers staff-assisted climbing. This is ideal for people who need encouragement, guidance, and support from the Stone Summit staff. To benefit from this package. However, climbers have to be fixed in different groups. For instance, if your reservation is only for one hour of the staff-assisted climbing, you and your group might be combined with other groups. The groups of seven or more have to reserve a minimum of about two hours.
The Stone Summit also offers a broad variety of fitness classes which help to improve the climbing of members by strengthening their body as well as their minds. All the fitness classes are included in the cost of the membership, day pass or punch card. Since space is limited, the classes first come, first serve. Some of the classes include;
-    Beginner Yoga Classes
Beginner Yoga acquaints the participant with the yoga basics, such as the posture, poses, focus, and breathing. This class is a perfect way to begin a yoga journey.
-    Technique Yoga Classes
The Technique Yoga, on the other hand, focuses on the proper form and breathing, as well as enhancing and expanding on the methods which were learned in the previous beginner class
-    Power Yoga Classes
The Power Yoga is the most challenging course offered by the fitness center, and it focuses on endurance, improved strength, flexibility, and the muscle tone. This advanced-level yoga class requires some previous yoga experience.
Top 10 health clubs in United States

  8. Evolution Strength and Conditioning
The Evolution Strength and Conditioning offer the residents of Chicago a substitute to the big chain gyms, and it has been winning converts over for some time now. The fitness center has a combination of knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainers, fanciful facilities, and many different fitness programs; the Evolution has a program for everyone.
Evolution Strength and Conditioning training facility offers personal training, as well as small group fitness classes, and also private access memberships for potential members. They are a lot different than the conventional big box global gyms as they only care about results of their members. Individuals can sign up at a lot of gyms and pay their monthly dues without putting in any work, and they show up when they want. This fitness center concentrates on its members and allows them to achieve their fitness goals.
Their training program permits the clients to work individually in a semi-private setting with the personal trainers, and no membership is required for this. The trainers will meet with the individuals to discuss their past training experience, and fitness goals, as well as other relevant information such past injuries, medical concerns, and family history. Clients can schedule their workouts with their trainer and the time is usually two to three times a week. The exercises are made to help the clients to reach their fitness goals, whether it is weight loss, an increase of lean muscle, general fitness, and sports performance. The fitness center also offers supplement guidance and also nutritional support as part of the program. The sessions can range from $75-$85 per workout.
The fitness center also offers another viable option; individuals can participate in any of their fitness classes which are scheduled all through the week. These classes are not the regular barre method or pilates type classes; they are designed to help members burn calories, as well as build muscle, and also increase their overall cardio conditioning. These classes range from $10-15 per class, and the class sizes range from 3-15 individuals. Price breaks are also offered to people who purchase a lot of classes up front.
Top fitness clubs in the United States

7. Redbike Studios
The RedBike is not the typical spinning fitness studio as the RedBike Studios CEO and founder Albert Ghitis stated. They are a rhythm-based, full-body and choreographed ride. The class takes place in a darkened room and features club lights to make it feel like a night out in the South Beach instead of a work-out. They also offer a 360-degree approach to health and fitness. They have two in-house nutritionists at their disposal and a smoothie bar so they can deal with the diet as well as the fitness of the members. Ghitis and his staff’s approach to fitness earned them a spot in the top fitness centers. The RedBike Studios covers all about spin classes. They are Miami’s first devoted cycling studio, and they serve the Brickell area. They are a cardio party, rhythm-based, and full-body workout fitness club. They make fitness fun by having a party-on-a-bike, and users would not realize that they are burning calories. They aim to make their participants leaner, stronger and tougher. They aspire to give their members inspiration, energy, and power as well as put them in control, and provide fuel to transform the body in a fun, and liberating way. They climb, jump, sprint, and dance as a means to achieving fitness goals. They also use weights and practice a 45-minute rhythm-based workout. They concentrate on work the core, legs, butt, and arms of the individual. The RedBie also has a great team of high-energy Instructors in Miami's to take members on a transformative, fun ride. The flashing lights and pumping beats make the RedBike fitness classes more enjoyable. They also offer personalized nutrition to ensure that the members are eating healthy food. The first session is also always free.
Individuals can get in the best possible shape with the direction of their in-house registered dietitians. The classes rev up the metabolism of members and burn calories as well for better results.
Top fitness clubs in United States

6. Throwback Fitness
For America’s most-populated city, NYC, the highest-rated fitness center is the Throwback Fitness center. The Throwback team already has their gym featured on a couple of media outlets, and it is a true success story which has occurred from the hard work of the co-founders brain Gallagher and Ryan Wilke. Throwback offers a lot more than only the workout; it is a fun, interactive, competitive, and friendly atmosphere which serves up a full-body, cardio and strength workout in their quick 45-minute session. It is a return to the old days of gym class, where working out was something done without even knowing.
The class includes warm-up, rowing instruction, and two workouts – recess and phys ed. The phys ed workout comprises of a partner or individual body weight circuits and rowing sprints. The recess part is a team workout, and it is often modeled after any game such as basketball, baseball, flip, dodgeball, which will channel the individual with feelings of camaraderie and competition. They end every class with some light stretching, and the members should be done in 45 minutes after they walk in. The classes they offer include the Throwback, which is their original, signature class. Then the phys ed class which will feature a one-on-one interval workout or partner-based ‘tag-team’ race aligned around a rowing machine.
The Varsity Throwback is a more advanced version of the Throwback, but it has more challenging and technical exercises. On the other hand, the recess section of this class is less game-like and harder than the regular Throwback class. The TBF Quickie is a condensed form of the Throwback class, and it lasts for only 30 minutes. The TBF Skills is a cardio-free class where they teach the techniques and progressions of a pull-up, toes-to-bar, dip, handstand and other gymnastics activities. The TBF Strength focuses more on dumbbell and kettlebell activities rather than a rowing machine. Another class is the Coach’s Workout, and this is an advanced class for 30-minutes consisting of a high volume, high-intensity workout. There is minimal instruction since the coaches will also be participating in the exercise. Continue Reading

Product Review :Top 5 Best Handheld Ham Radio

Product Review :Top 5 Best  Handheld Ham  Radio

Ham radios are an excellent choice for getting on the air and contacting other hobbyists. Also, in the event of any emergency, the device could serve a significant role in creating a line of communication with other individuals to aid or contribute toward the rescue efforts. Most people use these ham radios mainly as a hobby for some short-range transmissions, to connect with other operators in their immediate neighborhood.
I have considered customer reviews on the top best handheld ham radio and here’s what i found;

  1. Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio
The UV5RA is the most versatile of the Baofeng brand, and it has 2.5 KHz steps, lots of accessories and a small size. It is also FCC part 90 certified, and this implies that it can be used with an FCC license on Business Bands.
The UV5RA provides a 4 Watts VHF / 4 Watts UHF within the frequencies of 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz and 128 alphanumeric Memories. It also has a dual-band display and a DTMF Keypad along with an FM Broadcast Band Receive and a dual-band watch. It has a function menu and a voice unit as well. Some accessories include an SMA-J flexible antenna, belt clip, Li-ion Battery (7.4V 1800 mAh), wrist strap, drop-in charging tray, and AC adapter (8.4V 600 mA).
Length: 102 mm
Width: 51 mm
Consumer Reviews and Ratings
There are over a thousand online reviews and ratings on the Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio, and a large majority of these reviews are positive.
I took some time to read through many of the reviews to get the overall feeling for this ham radio model and why some people liked it or did not like it. People who were most satisfied with the radio’s performance got it for a single purpose –enjoying their hobby. And a few got it for emergency purposes as well, to this extent, this ham radio does a good job.
Most people who didn’t like the ham radio mentioned at least of the following;
a)    The inability to upgrade the software of the ham radio, except a new one with a new firmware is purchased.
B)    The Baofeng battery accessories for UV-5RA does not work for the other Baofeng units.
C)    The desktop stand has to be used to recharge the batteries.
•    The Li-Ion battery runs longer than most ham radios of its capacity.
•    The desktop charging stand charges the battery with or without the radio being attached.
•    The accessories which come with it work very well, both mechanically and electrically.
•    Reception outside the ham bands is quite convenient.
•    The SMA antenna connector removes moisture and is relatively sturdy.
•    The design of the battery pack and the belt clip are great.
•    The desktop stand is required to charge the batteries, and it cannot be plugged into a wall socket like other devices.
•    The battery pack of the ham radio has exposed electrical contacts at the back.
Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio price
The price is under $50 in most online stores, but it can be gotten on Amazon for about $24.18dollars, and its shipping is free with Amazon prime.
My review
After I had examined the UV5RA, I loved the durability of the device and its prices is just perfect, and it may succeed in getting manufacturers of the ham radios to produce high-end devices at a lower price.
Yaesu FT-2900R

2.    Yaesu FT-2900R
The Yaesu FT-2900R is reticent and powerful and this ruggedly- built transceiver boasts of 75 watts of output. Despite his high output, no fan is required due to the FT-2900R’s heat-sink design. Its ergonomics are excellent for safe mobile operation.
The Yaesu FT-2900R is a 2M VHF mobile Amateur Radio, which Transmits 144-148 MHz and Receives 136-174 MHz. It also has about 200 alphanumeric memory channels. It has scan and search functions and four power levels which are 75, 30, 10 and 5. It also has a lighted keypad microphone, and it comes with accessories such as a 13.8Vdc power cord, mounting bracket, and a microphone. The device also requires a suitable 2 meter Antenna, and a power requirement of 13.8Vdc at 14 Amps.
Size/ Dimensions
Weight: 4.2 lb. (1.9kg)
Height: 6.3
Width: 7.3
Consumer ratings and reviews
This device has well over a hundred ratings, and this is great for a new product, and a majority of this number loved the product. I discovered that a majority of the people who didn't like it gave a simple reason;
a)    The slow scan rate.
B)    It becomes locked-up when a scan is still running, and even when it is stopped on memory, its menu remains inaccessible.
•    Ruggedly built
•    Simple to program, and uses only the rig's controls.
•     Large easily read display.
•     Essential controls are all on the front panel.
•    Lots of available memory.
•    It's a monobander and is easier to operate.
•    Genuine 75watts

•    It is a monobander and potentially less useful than its Dual Band set contemporaries. However, this makes it easier to operate.
•    Scan rate is strangely sluggish.
Yaesu FT-2900R price
This device goes for $162.00 on Amazon with free shipping.
My review
After I considered the Yaesu FT-2900R, I especially liked the fact that it is ruggedly built and sturdy. It is also easy to program regardless of the reviews which claim otherwise. It also has a beautiful, large, easily read display along with alpha tags too, and all these make it very easy to read at one glance.
Baofeng Pofung UV-82L

3.Baofeng Pofung UV-82L
The frequency range of this device is 136-174 and 400-520MHz, it has a dual band and dual display and an A/B band independent operation. It also has a VFO and Memory channels scan, tri-color background light selectable, emergency alarm, battery saver, channel monitor and a keypad lock
Length: 8 in
Width: 6.9
Height: 2.9 in

Consumer reviews
It has a great review, and most customers loved it for its low price and capabilities.
•    It is very cheap
•    The mic is relatively clear.
•    The software works smoothly.
•    It is easier to use.
•    The model may require a better filtering system.
It can be gotten for $49.99 on Amazon.
My review
The device has some lovely features and is quite easy to use. Some customers complained that it was difficult, but that is not entirely accurate.
Yaesu Original VX-8DR

4. Yaesu Original VX-8DR
This device includes not only rock-solid features and specifications but, new and bigger APRS capabilities which meet the need of lovers of the device. The transceiver transmits approximately 140-174MHz to 420-470 MH.
The device has different unique features which include, GPS, DIGI-PATH route indicators, Bluetooth capabilities, wide band receiver, dual band, smart beaconing, integrated. It also has an emergency automatic ID system and an emergency Beep.
Length: 2.36 inches
Width: 0.95 inches
Height 3.74 inches
Weight: 8.48 ounces
Consumer reviews
This new device is already making waves and has all positive reviews and the people who bought it, gave all positive reviews. The only complaint which was found was the price.
•    Fits perfectly in the hand.
•    Easy to read.
•    Backlit keypad.
•    Receives and transmits on various frequencies.
•    It has more useful functions.

•    The standard battery is 1100 mAh, and this is quite low considering the capacity of the ham radio, although, this battery capacity might be perfect for some individuals.

On Amazon, it costs $385.99
My review
The device is quite pricey, but it does quite a lot considering this price. I especially liked the great AM/FM broadcast and air band along with the fact that it is compact and pocket-friendly.

5. Retevis RT-5R
The device has a relatively large battery capacity of 1800mAh and a wider frequency coverage which allows the U band to extend to 520MHz. It also has a built-in high brightness LED, which can be converted into a flashlight.
Length: 4.3
Width: 2.3
Height: 1.3 inches
Consumer reviews
The reviews on this Retevis product are all positive so far, and most customers bought it for their hobby and attested that it worked just fine.
•    Large capacity battery.
•    Convertible Led which doubles as a flashlight.
•    It is cheap.
•    It is easy to use
•    The accessories are not very durable.
It goes for $48.99 on Amazon.
My review
The device is reasonably priced for a two-way radio, and I liked the large capacity battery which can last for at least eight hours.

Friday, 19 August 2016

World News- Turkey to Release 93,000 Convicts to Make Space for Coup Plotters


The Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish government, has reportedly issued a decree that will see the release of more than 38,000 prisoners. The release is expected to accommodate the thousands arrested in connection with the recently failed military coup.
Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, speaking in an interview with a Haber television, said 38,000 prisoners would be released initially, and that number could eventually grow to 93,000. Only prison inmates who were convicted before July the 1st are eligible to be part of the initiative, excluding those convicted of participating in the failed military coup.
The government has not given any reason for the effort, but it appears that the prisons are already in a training capacity.
As part of a nationwide purge involving the security services and other government agencies including the army, the police, the courts, schools, and universities, the Erdogan lead administration has either detained or suspended over 50,000 people following the insurrection. Various news agencies have reported that more than 35,000 people have been arrested in the crackdown.
Wednesday’s decree also ordered the immediate dismissal of over 2,360 police officers, 100 military personnel and about 196 staff with the BTK.
The people who have either been suspended from their jobs or detained have all been linked to U.S.-based Islamic Cleric Fethullah Gulen, an ally of Erdogan.
Erdogan has reportedly accused the 75-year-old, who is currently in a self-imposed exile in the U.S, of masterminding the failed military coup by rogue Turkish troops. Although Gulen has denied these accusations, Turkey has demanded an extradition from the U.S.
Turkey's Western allies have seriously become concerned that Erdogan, is using the crackdown as a means to target dissent, testing Turkey's relations as an important partner in the war against the Islamic terror. Fear engulfs the country as they await their fate.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Twitter Shares Rise by Seven Percent Amidst Apple TV Deal


The popular social media site, Twitter, has just launched a Twitter live feature. The new live feature has already made waves all around the world. Twitter’s acquisition of its rights to air NFL games instantaneously on its platform has helped boost the media giant. Reports reveal that Twitter intends to join forces with great bodies like Apple TV as well.

These reports have lead Twitter shares to rise by 7 percent. With the intention of boosting its live activities, Twitter plans to work with a popular Cupertino-based company. Despite the fact that Twitter and Apple have not spoken about it officially, reports have led us to believe this may be actualized soon.

Participants in the Twitter live feature enjoyed a live streaming of the Wimbledon Tennis tournament; this step is expected to reverse the fortunes and improve the company’s user base. When the company released its quarterly results, their shares dropped over 10% though; the company had a 20% quarterly revenue increase of $602 million, which was much higher than last.

The had a quarterly GAAP loss of  $107 million. Their average monthly active users were up to 313 million for that same quarter, showing an increase of 3%. The revenue derived from mobile advertising was about 89% of their total advertising revenue. The Twitter live feature is expected to improve their overall profit soon.

Apple plans to get potential users in India. Tim Cook, during an interview on Washington Post, expressly said that there is enormous potential in the country which will help Apple grow its profit.

With time, we should expect that the Twitter Live feature will pick up major sporting events and as such attract more Twitter users in India as it appears to have potential. In the same vein, Apple TV  base in India struggles with gaining momentum, and this could be a good time for the companies to flood the Indian market with brand new content and fresh ideas that will cater for the fast-rising smartphone user base.

Mark Zuckerberg: Why Mark Zuckerberg Regrets Spending $2 Billion on Oculus


Everyone makes mistakes, and Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg is not afraid to admit some mistakes of his own, like his late realization that virtual reality is worth the investment. In an interview Zuckerberg had with Sam Altman, the president of Y Combinator, he spoke about Facebook's $2 billion purchase of Oculus in 201.
He also stated that having to spend such an amount of money on the company to enter into space rather than having the forethought to build a team in-house timely was an oversight. However, he states that these types of big moves aren’t only inevitable, but necessary.
"We purchased the Oculus team with a lot of money," he said. "I view it as, you know, if we had done a much better job of developing some of the skill to do a few of that stuff within, then maybe we would not have had to buy it." But, Zuckerberg says that when he had the insight that virtual reality expertise was worth investing in, purchasing the leading company, rather than building something internal, was the only option.
"The Oculus team is unarguably the most talented team, so it made sense to make this big move," Zuckerberg added. It's imperative to note that Zuckerberg does not view Facebook's acquisition of Oculus as a slip-up, but instead of a costly solution to the firm's desire enter into VR.
"As CEO, it is your job to avoid a position where you have to be doing these irrational things," Zuckerberg said. "it's inevitable, you cannot be ahead of everything. Consequently, it's better to make the big moves and also be willing to do it than have pride and not do it and never acknowledge that you might have done something a lot better in the past."

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Zika virus - Protect Yourself and Your Family From Zika

Zika virus

As the outbreaks spreads through Latin America, the Caribbean, and even recently in the United States, new research shows that the mosquitoes that are responsible for spreading Zika virus, as Aedes aegypti &Aedes alb op ictus. This is the same species of mosquito that transmit dengue and chikungunya. If not contained they will eventually make way into all the nations of the Western Hemisphere. Places like Chile and Canada, have less risk as a result of their high elevation, and cooler climate mosquitoes are not likely to breed.
Mosquitoes are not the only mode of transmission igniting the outbreak. The first sexually transmitted reported in Dallas,  in early February, and several other cases have followed. CDC have since confirmed its status as a sexually transmitted infection.
The CDC issued an unprecedented warning strongly advising pregnant women against traveling to Florida and surrounding communities north of Miami after several reports. This marked the first time the CDC has ever warned against travel in the continental United States.
Protect your family from Zika

  •  New studies on Zika constantly developing; Consult the CDC for updates before making travel plans.
  • If you hope on getting pregnant in the near future, then you light to avoid going to places where the Zika  virus is actively spreading. If you have been to a Zika-risk zone, you should see a doctor so as to get tested, and also you should regularly check CDC recommendations.
  •   Both male and female can transmit Zika virus via various sexual activity, including oral sex, even if they are asymptomatic. Always use condoms or dental dams when engaged in sexual contact.
  • If you need to travel to any affected area, pack and a lot of  mosquito repellant. Go for varieties containing a chemical known as “DEET”concentrations. These types are most effective. Go for products that have milder plant-based ingredients, clothing, and mosquito net. 
  •  If you are also a sunscreen, remember to apply sunscreen before applying your insect repellent.
  • Try treating your clothing and gear permethrin (or buy items pre-treated with permethrin).
  •     During your stay in an affected places, make sure all windows and window screens are closed before you sleep. If possible try to protect yourself with netting.
  • Do not joke with anti-mosquito-bite precautions. The particular Mosquitoes that transmit Zika are hard to avoid due to the fact that they bite during the day and not just in the evening. 
  •   Wear long pants and long-sleeved tops to cover your skin.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid mosquito-breeding sites like bodies of stagnant water.
  •  Aedes mosquitoes acquire Zika from  people who have already got the virus, and continue to transmit it to others through  bites. Continue to protect yourself against any form of  mosquito bites even after you must have returned from a Zika-affected area so as to prevent the virus from becoming a global epidemic. 

Monday, 15 August 2016

Currency Trading And The Internal Market Economy

Forex Market Trading

What is Currency Trading?
Currency Trading is simply the act of buying and selling various currencies of countries of the world. The Foreign Exchange or Forex as it is popularly known is the market that permits you to buy or sell currencies in volume. A currency trader, whether he/she represents a corporation, bank, or an individual, must be skilled and well acquainted with the methods of the Forex market, by monitoring and acting promptly on the subtle changes which indicate a potential for profit. A typical scenario might go thus: A currency trader is with the British pound and the U.S. dollar. This is known as a Currency Pair. The British Pound, GBP is the base currency, while the US Dollar, USD is the secondary currency. Any news that stipulates that the value of the British Pound, GBP has increased from previous reports, makes a positive reaction which will cause a spike in the value of the British Pound, GBP. This report, in turn, will cause traders to rally on the GBP and USD currency pair. In like manner, if the opposite of this situation occurred, and a positive report for the USD was announced, and then the GBP/USD currency pair would dip, or fall. Any of the above scenarios can offer up profit, but it depends on the part of the currency pair is bought or sold at the time. A few factors decide the price of each of the currencies within the pairdecided by a few factors, and they include changes in political leadership, natural disasters or economic booms or busts. Any news report that can affect the strength of an individual currency, however remotely, can change the value of a currency trade in a few minutes. This factor makes currency trading risky at times, as currencies can be quite volatile when compared to other markets. The only key to success when engaging in currency trading is to utilize conservative risk management. This practical conservative risk management has multiple aspects, although, in the end, currency trading should be approached with caution and the trader should have a firm trading plan. Retail currency trading is typically carried out by market brokers and makers. The retail traders can place trades through their market brokers and these, in turn, will put that trade on their behalf on the interbank market.
Intermarket Analysis
This is a branch of technical analysis which examines the connections between four primary asset classes which are stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.
There are simple relationships between stocks and bonds, commodities and bonds, and the dollar and commodities. Examining these relationships can aid chartists in determining the investing cycle stage, and selecting the best sectors and avoiding the worst performing areas in the market.
Inflationary Relationships
The Intermarket relationships are dependent on the forces of deflation or inflation. Below are the pointer Intermarket relationships within an inflationary environment:

1.A positive correlation between stocks and bonds.
2.Bonds typically change direction before stocks.
3.An INVERSE relationship between commodities and bonds.
4.An INVERSE relationship between commodities and the US Dollar.

Intermarket Analysis is a crucial tool for medium-term or long-term analysis of the stock market. A single indicator or a single relationship should not be utilized on its own to make a general assessment of all market conditions.

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